• Most products are bought with my own money (or stolen borrowed from my Mum’s cosmetic drawer)
  • All products are fully tested – make up for wear time (12 hours), skincare for results (min. 4 weeks) etc
  • All photos are mine – if I find you have used them without permission please be prepared for all hell to break loose. On a serious note, please ask first, all copyright is attributed to me.
  • All opinions are mine and I will always be 100% honest. I will only ever review products and link to websites that I am interested in and would use myself.

PR Samples

If I ever get sent any products to review, I will disclaim this at the very top or bottom of the post. I will only ever give my 100% honest opinion and I will only accept products that I would have either bought myself or something that fits with the content on my blog.

As a person, I pride myself on my blunt and honest nature and I hope that is reflected in my posts. I will never accept payment to review a product in a positive light (if it is against what I genuinely feel). All products will be reviewed in the same way regardless of if they have been sent for review consideration or bought by me.

Affiliate Links

As of July 2017 my posts may contain affiliate links. This does not apply to every link on my blog, and are only added in place of a link that would have been there anyway.

You can see I have added a mini disclaimer that automatically appears at the top of any posts and also a disclosure in my sidebar.

I am a member of Amazon’s Affiliate program. When a reader clicks an affiliate link on, the reader buys the item directly (not on Amazon/other companies may pay me a small commission or other compensation for promoting their products and/or website through their affiliate program.

I am also a member of ShopStyle Collective UK affiliate program.

Prices will not be affected by affiliate links. Prices are exactly the same for you whether you purchase via affiliate links or non-affiliate links.

Not all my links are affiliate links – Amazon links will look like* and ShopStyle links will look like http://shopstyle/* and I will generally use a link shortener to keep things neat and tidy. (That’s the random string of characters you may see in a link)

I wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you if you read my blog or purchase anything I have reviewed and recommended. It helps me to keep producing content and it really, REALLY means so much to me.

Sponsored Posts

I haven’t actually worked with any brands yet on any sponsored posts so I’ll update this when I do. 😉

Work with me

If you would like to get in touch regarding sponsored posts/PR/advertising, please email me on

Please be aware that I do work full-time but I do check my emails at least once a day.

Thank you for taking the time to read this!

Love Becca x