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Today I started a 90 day challenge

Today I started a 90 day challenge

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Over the Christmas break, I saw that Cassey Ho from Blogilates was finishing her 90 day challenge, and she looked GREAT. Not just physically, but you could feel the happiness from her photos and her blog posts. I had seen a couple of her blogs when she first started but I got distracted and didn’t really continue following along. But DAMN, when I saw her final post from her 90 day challenge, it struck a chord with me.

For so long, I’ve been complaining that I feel sluggish and lazy. Not just that, but my favourite clothes are getting too tight and my confidence has all but evaporated. After reading through Cassey’s last post and all the data (if you love excel and graphs, you’ll be in heaven), I decided that I wanted to do my own 90 day challenge. It wasn’t an instant mindset shift – it was during the Christmas break after all, I wasn’t about to drop my wine glass and blue cheese that easily – but it was like a switch flipped in my head. I could do that too!

So, come January 1st, I was ready to go!

I’m just kidding – I knew I’d be hungover so Jan 1st was a silly day to start, and besides, I was heading on holiday on the 9th so decided to set my start date as the 20th – today! I actually did this 5 day ‘detox’ (hate that word) for 5 days before just to feel a bit healthier and clearer.

As today is the first day, that means the last day will be 18th April.

Why am I doing this?

Well, other than the clothes not fitting and the general sluggishness – I love gym. I also love food and wine. But I haven’t been doing both – only the food part (okay, and a *little* bit of drinking ;)). I’ve just not been taking care of myself for so long, and in many ways, I think the reason Cassey’s blogs resonated with me so much was because so many of the things she wrote mirrored what I was feeling too. My weight has slowly increased for the past couple of years and I’ve really been inconsistent with the gym and my diets and indulging wayyy too much. My skin looks shitty, I don’t *feel* good and I want to look at myself in a more favourable way, kinder and with more love.

What’s on the menu baby?!

I really want to start eating a lot more vegetarian foods – inspired by my boyfriend and my sister who is now a ‘flexitarian’. I also know that I tend to feel mental clarity and more energy when I eat less carbs, but my worry is that it’s pretty hard to eat low carb on a veggie diet. I’m gonna give it a go though!

We have breakfast provided so I had scrambled eggs made with butter for breakfast. Then a handful of blackberries for a snack (a good source of fibre without loads of carbs). Last week I went out and bought ingredients to make a big batch of veggie courgetti, so I had that for lunch today (with lots of cheese on top 😋), and then I made a miso broth with loads of dark leafy greens – it felt like a nice hug and I felt great after eating it. I needed a little more fat for the day and a few more calories so I had a couple of Babybels for pudding.

For the first month, I’m gonna follow a similar set up to this each day. No bread, lots of veg and hearty, happy meals that make me feel full.

I haven’t exercised today. I planned to after dinner but I felt so cosy and sleepy! I did however get in nearly 10,000 steps so I’m pleased with that. My aim for the 90 day challenge is to complete a 3 month weight training program and to hit at least 8,000 steps a day. January is not a great time for the gym, it’s too busy for me and I can’t bear the thought of it for now! It’s more important to me to really stick with the diet and to focus on how it affects me so I’m happy to delay the start of my workout routine. There’s also this thing we get with work so we can go to a couple of classes for free each month. I’ve booked in to go to Legs, Bums and Tums with some of the girls from work on Friday so looking forward to that!

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What are my goals?

So physically, I want to get to about 53kg. It’s quite a lot to lose as I’m currently 62kg but I think it’s achievable. It’s also the weight I used to be so that’s why I picked it. However, this is just a guideline so I will use weight measurements as extra data to collect rather than getting obsessive over the number. The KEY goal for me will be dropping my body fat % down. At the moment, it’s about 30%. This is too high! I would like to get to about 20-22%. I am much more interested in hitting this target than the weight so wish me luck!

I’m currently using Apple’s Health app to track my steps and My Fitness Pal to track my calories. I want to try to blog every day – it’s a way I can hold myself accountable and it’s fun!

Anyway, that’s it for today. I’ll check in tomorrow with more details.

Big love x

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