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The ground rules | 90 day challenge

The ground rules | 90 day challenge

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When reading back through yesterday’s post, I realised that I had forgotten to lay down ‘the ground rules’ for my 90 day challenge, and explain exactly what I was going to do. I touched on it, but today I’ll go into a lot more detail about my plans and I’ll do a quick daily diary at the end. 
My goals I mentioned this in my first post, but it’s not just weight based. This is a whole project for me, not just the diet and exercise part but the wellness, blogging part. I need to prove to myself that I can be consistent and disciplined. 

So here’s a list of my goals

  1. get to goal weight of around 52-53kg
  2. get to body fat percentage of 22-23%
  3. Gather as much data as possible while on this 90 day challenge
  4. blog daily
  5. eat vegetarian foods only
  6. lift 80kg on deadlift
  7. lift 100kg on glute bridge

Rewarding myself

I don’t want to reward myself with food but instead with spa days and fun activities. There is one cheat day I’m looking forward to – on Valentine’s Day Charlie and I are planning to have a fondue night and some wine. The 14th Feb falls exactly a month into the plan so if I am strict til then, I’m more than happy to reward myself with a fun, cheesy night in, you better brie-lieve it.

Daily goals

This could change throughout the process based on how my body is responding to the challenge but for now:

  1. 1,200 calories a day
  2. Under 40g carbs, fats around 90g and protein around 80g. Carbs preferably lower but have to have allowances for veggie diet 
  3. 1 hour-ish exercise (rest day Sunday)
  4. At least 2.5l water
  5. Minimum 8000 steps a day

Am I following any exercise & diet plans?

One of my favourite workout plans to follow (and one I actually stuck to a couple of years ago) is Madalin Giorgetta’s Bikini Body Guide. As far as I know, she doesn’t sell the program any more but it’s basically a weight training program for the gym. When I first bought it, it really gave me the push to go the gym and have confidence in what I was doing and I genuinely just enjoy the workouts.

I’m not following any particular diet plan however I am using Mark Carroll’s Bikini Body guide – he trains the top bikini models in the world and gives no-bullshit advice so I know what he’s saying is legit. That’s where the idea for the daily steps comes in, and the initial lower carb phase.

Daily recap

I cooked a giant batch of everything so I knew I’d be having the same meals today as yesterday (and I will on Wednesday and Thursday as well!) I’m quite happy to do this when it’s really tasty food but will definitely be looking forward to a different flavour hitting my tastebuds by Friday.  At breakfast, they’d run out of Lurpak but I just used some flora stuff instead and it was pretty good. Nothing beats Lurpak though 🤤

I knew there’s be a couple of challenges today – the first was resisting the urge to splurge 99p on chicken nuggets with Maccers tempting daily deals throughout January. Those Golden Arches always beckon. The second was tip treats. Every Tuesday at work there is a selection of goodies such as Bakewell tarts, Pringles, loads of biscuits and other candy bits too. I really tried hard to have nothing at all, but I succumbed to temptation and ate one party ring. Woe is me! I’ve added it to My Fitness Pal and I’m still within all my limits so I’m not too disappointed. It is only one party ring for fuck sake.

See Also

To finish the day off, I warmed my miso soup, being careful not to boil it as it destroys all the good probiotics if you overheat it. I added a scotch bonnet chilli to garnish but I feel like I need a slightly spicier chilli – any suggestions? 🌶

That’s it for today, I’m looking forward to checking in tomorrow!

Lots of love 💋

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