Expectation vs Reality | Bank Holiday Round 2 Edition

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Us Brits have been spoilt this April. Anyone doing the 9-5 has been lucky enough to have two 4 day weeks in a row with Good Friday and Easter Monday and now we’re enjoying another long weekend for the 1st May bank holiday!

If that wasn’t enough, we have ANOTHER bank holiday at the end of May! To celebrate, I’ve written about 10 common expectations of bank holiday antics vs what actually happens.

You know EXACTLY what I’m talking about. We all have very good intentions which usually go to shit after the 3rd glass of wine.

Expectation VS Reality: Bank Holiday Round 2. See if you can relate!

Enjoy! I’m sure you can relate 😉

1. EXPECTATION: I am gonna sleep so much
REALITY: Body clock wakes up at it’s usual 6am

2. EXPECTATION: OMG I can’t believe I ate all that
REALITY: I just consumed enough food for 3 people

3. EXPECTATION: I can’t remember the last glass of water I had
REALITY: I am now on a liquid diet of tea, wine and prosecco which isn’t gonna end til Monday at 9pm

4. EXPECTATION: I could get used to this 4 day working week

5. EXPECTATION: I’ll chill this bank holiday, then use the next one to be productive
REALITY: I’ve already bought tickets for that event next bank holiday!

6. EXPECTATION: I am going to get SOOOO much done with this extra day
REALITY: Proceeds to do absolutely fuck all for 3 days instead of 2

7. EXPECTATION: We can have BBQs and sunbathe all weekend!
REALITY: It’s cold and rains intermittently everyday. Probably forecast to be beaut once you’re back at work

8. EXPECTATION: I am going on a detox starting Tuesday
REALITY: So hungover on Tuesday that I’ll have to wait until next Monday


As you can tell, I have done a lot of eating and drinking this bank holiday and I can’t lie, I’ve LOVED every second of it.

I hope you had a lovely bank holiday weekend, whatever you got up to!

Let me know in the comments if any of these speak to you! 😉

xo Becca

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