26 Things Before I’m 26 | Another Unusual Birthday Post

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In the theme of my birthday, I’ve decided to set some goals for next year. Reflecting on my achievements of last year made me realise that I really didn’t achieve much last year. Like barely anything. It’s partly to do with the fact I finally settled down in a ‘proper’ job so it took away all my time and partly to do with the fact that I’ve been lost.

This year, I’ve decided to be proactive (basically just so I have more achievements to wow you with next year) and set a list of goals and targets to smash before my next birthday.

A birthday bucket list. I'm tired of living with regrets, so I've made a list of 26 things to do before 26. Click the pin to see if you can relate!

  1. Get a tattoo. I’ve been planning about 4 for 5 years but something always stops me from doing it. I have no idea what it is but it’s time to do something I’ve been wanting to do for years.
  2. Go travelling by myself (even if it is to another UK city for a couple of days)
  3. Write 100 blog posts. I’m about about 50 so far, I’m still debating whether this means total 150 or 100 but I guess I’ll decide next year when it’s time to judge! 😉
  4. Hit my savings target. As long as I pay in monthly and don’t overspend otherwise, this should be an easy one.
  5. Ignore idiots. Another easy one, I’ve got to stop letting stupid people get to me.
  6. Read at least a book a month (hoping to annihilate this one really)
  7. Actually start blogging properly – I love it and have neglected it for no good reason
  8. Start learning a language. I don’t have to be amazing at it but it’s a useful skill to have and I’m sick and tired of English speaking laziness.
  9. Start having piano lessons. This is something I keep putting off because it is quite expensive but it is something I did as a child and I regret giving it up.
  10. Raise money for charity
  11. Spend a day volunteering
  12. Commit to yoga class once a week. I’ve just started going and I absolutely love it so I will definitely make it part of my regular routine.
  13. Keep my plants alive.
  14. Have some festivals booked. Basically I won’t be able to afford any this year but I am 100% going to next year!
  15. Spend more time outside
  16. Work on my self-esteem/confidence
    A birthday bucket list. I'm tired of living with regrets, so I've made a list of 26 things to do before 26. Click the pin to see if you can relate!
  17. Be a better friend. Sometimes my anxiety makes me worry about sending a reply in case it’s boring or annoying and sometimes this stops me from contacting people in the first place. I’m going to work hard on this. I have amazing friends who understand this though so it’s a pressure from myself to do better.
  18. Have more vegetarian days. It’s something I do without thinking but I would like to be more mindful of this.
  19. Take packed lunches to work regularly – good for the environment, my purse and my belly.
  20. Get comfortable in my body with good food and healthy routines.
  21. Learn self-discipline. I’m so tired of being angry with myself for constantly procrastinating and not doing the things I planned to do or fucking up my diet for the day because of a 2 second temptation.
  22. Forget who I should be and who I want to be, and just be for a little while. I think it’s so easy to get wrapped up in things on social media that I constantly worry about the way I will be perceived rather than doing things because I want to.
  23. Reduce clutter in both my room and my life.
  24. Practise kindness everyday. It might sound silly, but I’ve already started smiling at people when I’m walking to work. That is a tiny act that I can grow from.
  25. Create mindmaps more often. I always forget now I’m not at uni but this has always been one of my favourite ways to plan and learn. Bringing it back, Mindnode Lite. 🙂
  26. Remember that it’s always the second thought that counts.

Wow, that was easy to start and very difficult to finish. I really hope I can achieve a lot of these. I’ll update you on my next birthday – in fact I think I’m going to print this off and stick it somewhere I can see it everyday.

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