Technic Make Up Review: Juicy Sticks, Mega Lash, Highlighter

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I was lucky enough to be sent a little package of goodies from Technic to try out and I can’t express how excited I was when the lil jiffy bag landed in my hands. I’m always on the lookout for new brands because I have a serious make up addiction that needs to be constantly fuelled.

A quick introduction to Technic: fun, fresh, budget-friendly beauty that’s also cruelty free! Let’s get started on the products.

Have you ever tried Technic Cosmetics? It's a UK budget beauty brand that seriously delivers! You should definitely be looking into the sparkly pink highlighter and the mega lash mascara!


Pro Powder Brush

On first impression, this brush looks sturdy, well made and high-quality. The bristles are soft and reasonably dense but it is a fluffy brush. I used this to dust pressed powder all over to set my base which worked well, but I think this brush would be ideal for use with loose powders and baking. I’ve since given the brush a little cleansing test as this is where you can usually separate the wheat from the chaff (many a brush has died a grizzly death in the cleansing waters) but the Technic’s Pro Powder Brush stood up well – it was easy to clean and I didn’t notice any bristles whirling down the sink.

If you are looking for a decent brush without the mental price tag then this is for you.

Have you ever tried Technic Cosmetics? It's a UK budget beauty brand that seriously delivers! You should definitely be looking into the sparkly pink highlighter and the mega lash mascara!

Get Gorgeous Powder Pink Sparkle Highlighter

OMG this is the colour of dreams. Who doesn’t love a sparkly pink highlighter?! This soft pretty pink works with most skin tones but is especially good for super pale gals like moi (well, when I’m not fake tanned). I wore this to work so I did use it with a light hand but I think this would be so amazing for a night out or any occasion where you might want your highlight to be that little bit more poppin’ 😉 . This is a finely milled powder in a pretty cool-toned pink with tiny lilac and pink glitter flecks running through it.

Shimmer Eyeshadow Primer

Okay so I don’t use eyeshadow primer (I know it’s bad) and I do need one as I’m always getting creases and watery patches ruining the art that I’ve blended on in the morning. I use the term art loosely. Anyway, I thought this looked cute and subtle and I wear a little shimmer every day so I gave it a go.

I have mixed thoughts with this one. The first time I wore it it went on really well and I definitely noticed a difference to the creasing of my eyeshadow. BUT the second time I tried the primer it really stung my eyelids and I couldn’t get the make up to blend as well as usual. My skin has been playing up lately so it could be due to that, I have to be really careful with new products because my skin is sooo sensitive! Probably best for use with more pigmented shadows.

Mega Lash Mascara

I’ll be honest, I’m really fussy and snobby when it comes to mascara. I haven’t used a high street mascara for about 5 years, sticking to my favourite Chanel and Benefit even when I was too poor to put the heating on. Hey, my eyelashes looked the tits. So I will say that I was sceptical when I received this.

HOLYYY I kid you not this stuff is amazing. Like I could not believe it – I had to go and get my mum because I was so excited about how good it was and I needed to share. It’s super thickening and is a very strong shade of BLACK (I hate wishy-washy mascara – I’m all about that pigment). The brush is nice and large and catches a lot of those little wispy lashes that are easily missed creating a stunning full lash.

The only tiny issue I have with this is that it is a little tough to get off but a couple of micellar water pad soaks should do the trick.

Juicy Sticks Twist Up Lipstick

I’ve been searching high and low for a lipstick to match with my NXY Nude Suede Shoes lip liner and this was the answer to my prayers. Naked is the most beautiful nude-y mauve shade, perfect for everyday wear and the formula is lovely. It’s long lasting, doesn’t pull on the lips or dry them out. It even has a gorgeous watermelon smell so I wanted to lick my lips all day! I tried not to as I’m on a diet and all and I don’t think lipstick is included in the calorie count. 🙂

Other than the fact it came through broken – the lipstick keeps falling out of the tube haha! – I love it and at £2.25 (Tesco) you really can’t go wrong.

Overall I am EXTREMELY impressed with this lot! Looking online these items are absolute bargains too and you’ll definitely find something to slot into your beauty collection.

Have you tried the Technic range?

xo Becca

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