Blogosphere Valentine’s Tea Party Event

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Well I have to say that this post is well overdue! I was so ill the week after I attended that I missed 3 days of work and then I was away last week and of course, I forgot my bloody laptop charger.

What a disaster. Me, not the event – that was great! Here’s what I got up to at the Blogosphere Valentine’s Tea Party.


To make things easier, I stayed at my boyfriend’s flat in East London so I could get to the Tropical Library, Lumiere London without having to worry about trains or tube engineering works. I was already well nervous but really excited and I did not want to add to that craziness with any last minute worries.


I was greeted by the lovely Albertine who coordinates the events for Blogosphere Magazine and Alice who is the Editor of Blogosphere Magazine. Then the Duppy Share rum stand caught my eye. Most bloggers would probably be more attracted to the cake but of course I saw booze and made a beeline for it. The punch was delicious and I definitely went back for 10 1 more. The Tropical Library is eccentrically decorated which made it the blogger’s dream backdrop and totally #instalife. I couldn’t stop taking photos of everything!


The Duppy Share: As mentioned above, delicious rum styled in a hipster rum fashion. Check out their website for a load of amazing cocktail recipes.

Pearl and Groove: These cakes looked so good that I was actually scared to pick one up and eat it at first. Every cake produced by the Pearl and Groove Bakery is gluten free and some are even dairy and sugar free too! I reckon you could probably call em guilt-free too 😉

Kat Von D: I almost started hyperventilating when I saw that Kat Von D Beauty were going to be at the event and I was not let down. There was a huuuuge range of foundations and liquid lipsticks that you could swatch till your heart was content. The foundation is light and blends beautifully yet still gives full coverage. I will be looking to buy some for sure.

Glo & Ray: Colourful, pigmented make up galore! I personally don’t use really vivid colours but I did a couple of eyeliner swatches and they did not budge – even after a shower! If you are looking for extreme colour that lasts for days then Glo & Ray have got your back 🙂

Samaya: I didn’t really know much about this brand before the event but I got chatting to a rep who showed me each of the products most suited to your dosha. Samaya is based on Ayurvedic principles, so you work out your dosha and then use the product most suited to your individual balance. I am a vata – I’m going to review this soon but ATM I have to say that the cream smells incredible. You can find out your dosha using a quiz on Samaya’s website.

Dr Lipp: So pleased I got some samples from Dr Lipp, I mean who hasn’t heard of the nipple balm?! We also got some samples in our goodie bags so watch this space for a review.

Book Your Lifestyle: A new way to book in your beauty treatments to suit your busy lifestyle. I love this idea and the girls were really nice and took the time to talk about the brand with me.


Brave Bison: The world’s first fully international social talent management were on hand to give us advice on making our mark with social media and improving our brand presence.

Le Fashion Fetish: Anna is absolutely lovely and I got to chat to her a little bit before the talk too. She gave some great advice about instagram and managing a blog.


Look at all these amazing bits! I’ve been so eager to try everything and I can’t wait to show you more about each one 🙂

Thank you again Blogosphere for hosting an amazing event – I had so much fun! Loved meeting all the brands and I met some insanely inspiring bloggers too.

Til next time,

xo Becca

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