6 steps to creating a zen desk area

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Just before Christmas, I decided I’d had enough.  My desk at work was dark, cluttered and messy and I kept losing all my post-its in the black holes otherwise known as my desk trays.  It was killing my productivity and motivation and was downright depressing. So I decided enough was enough. Time for a proper clean out!

Space + Light

I started by chucking away the two dingy and impractical black holes and traded them for 1 monitor stand (I raised the other screen as high as it would go and luckily they matched up. This immediately brightened the whole area and created loads of space (which I’ve promised myself does NOT mean more space for mess!)

Practical Storage

The problem with my old desk trays was not just that they were dark but they were literally useless. There were no slots or anyway to keep things properly organised so everything just ended up bundles together in one massive tangle of pens, paperclips, post-it notes and all sorts of other crap. Now I’ve got one of those old-school pen pots, ya know the ones that were like the top of your wishlist at school? So convenient and I can see everything! Child me was totally on to something there.


Having a bright white desk is great but it needs to be kept clean or it just looks so gross. Now I haven’t got loads of crap there’s no excuse not to keep it spick ‘n’ span so I try to give it a quick dust every week or two (we do have cleaners but I have to say they suck at cleaning the desks) I also make sure to clean away any rubbish at the end of each day and clear down any unnecessary notes or papers that I don’t need anymore.

Low Maintenance Plants

As soon as I had all the space I had to fill it right?! I don’t know if you saw but just before Christmas Tesco starting selling these adorable little succulents for £2 a pop – I ended up buying 3 over 3 days. Every time I went in to get my breakfast I accidentally bought another one. But at that price I just couldn’t resist and they are without a doubt my favourite part of my zen desk area. They only need to be watered once or twice a week and the little pots they come in are so cute. I love them and I think having plants always adds a little bit of serenity to any area.

An injection of ‘You’

I don’t like it when spaces look to clinical and too minimal so I decided to add a couple of accessories to make it a little bit more relaxed. My desk at home has a photo of me and my sisters which I love, and a couple of books and of course, lots of beautiful stationery. My desk at work is similar although not as personal – I have this amazing Zebra stapler (I’ve named him Frank) and he looks pretty happy perched there – it’s just something to add a little bit of personality.

6 steps to create a zen desk area. Boost productivity and work in a better mood all day!

Little Pick Me Ups

I like to finish off the zen desk area with a couple of little extras that both look pretty and have a purpose. Things like hand cream and tea! Tea is another thing I have a habit of collecting. I’ve currently got Dr Stuart’s Skin Purify, Twinings Peppermint & Nettle and Twinings Mango & Strawberry. I like having the option to mix and match and I’m always making hot drinks so I think it’s something that can look cute and be useful too! Same goes for hand cream. I hate having dry hands so I might as well have a travel-sized hand cream that’ll add a pop of colour if I’m gonna use it all the time.

I feel like this is a really weird thing to say but I actually really enjoy my desk now and I genuinely find I’m more productive and way less stressed at work, all thanks to creating a stress-free zen desk area.

Are you a messy desk person or do you like to keep things shipshape at all times?

xo Becca

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