Why you need to ignore the follow/unfollow tactic on Instagram

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Lately when I’ve been scrolling through Twitter I’d be hard-pressed to not see at least one angry tweet about Instagram. It could be about the algorithm, the spammy comments or the absolute worst: the follow/unfollower.

Why you need to stop worrying about the follow/unfollow tactic on Instagram
I’m in the middle of changing my style so it’s not looking perfect right now

You know the one, they drop you a follow after you post a #beaut picture that you spent ages composing and editing, probably leave you a comment like ‘Nice pic!’ and then 3 days later they unfollow you and you never hear from them again. (Or even better they do exactly the same thing 5 days later). And this is getting all of us riled up.

But I want to offer a different perspective. Of course I find it frustrating too – like one weekend I shot up by 30 followers only to see every single one of them unfollowed the next day. And I was f*cking furious! I spend hours liking and commenting on other people’s images and thought it was down to this. But then I read a couple of posts that highlighted how annoying this is and why they are demanding it stopped – and while I strongly agreed I thought there were a few things that needed to be addressed.

Look at your strategy

Most of the bloggers I’ve seen complain have great engagement – lots of likes and loads of comments. That’s far more important than having a high follower count and the new algorithm favours this so keep it up! You are doing the right thing. I’m in a group with some lovely bloggers so we support each other by engaging with each others posts and this is a great way to get the algorithm to work for you.

If you are getting absolutely spammed by follow/unfollowers, then take a look at your hashtags. Are they asking to get spammed? (Jeez I feel like I’m getting political here – someone grab me a podium!) But seriously, switch up whatever you are doing and see if it makes a difference.

Stop playing the game

I’ve seen a lot of people saying that they have unfollowed an account they love because the account follow/unfollowed them. While I completely get this, and I am totally guilty of this too, we are essentially playing the follow/unfollow game ourselves.

Why not follow an account if you love the content? Surely that’s the whole point of Instagram?

When I get followed I don’t automatically follow back – I look first and if I love the posts, then I will follow. I know that’s essentially exactly what this method is aiming to achieve but if done correctly, they have actually introduced me to new content that I’m going to enjoy seeing in my feed and I think it’s best if I can be happy about that rather than getting angry that they have unfollowed me.

Be objective

You can see why people choose to do the follow/unfollow method – it’s an easy way of getting a lot of followers in a really short time. I even tried this myself when I first started blogging because I had no idea how to get people to look at my stuff. But all those followers are gone now, and you know, I felt kinda dirty after cos it’s well wrong.

But anyway, at it’s core, it’s incredibly lazy marketing. Maybe these people don’t know how to get people to look at their accounts, or maybe they just don’t have the time (or maybe they really are just childish pr*cks) But yeah, don’t get pulled into feeling angry about it. Focus that energy and frustration on actually communicating with people and you’ll find that you will gain followers organically.

It’s not you

I mean you need to stop taking it personally! Stop it right now. This activity for the most part is not manual. Someone is not sitting there, planning to follow/unfollow by going through their list and removing everybody they followed the day before. It is likely automated. Most of these people are using programs where they’ve filled out a ton of settings to target and it’s running in the background so please stop thinking that it is being done to get you or that it’s your page. It’s not!

Basically I just wanted to throw my two pence out there because I’ve simply stopped letting the follow/unfollow bother me. I’m trying to learn from what is happening and focusing on figuring out the mythical beast that is that damn algorithm! (But that’s an entirely new post so I’ll save you from anymore of my rambling). And I know if I carry on engaging and creating good content then my followers will grow. Eventually.

Slow and steady wins the race! #It’sNotACompetitionTho

If you’ve enjoyed this, can relate or you think I’m completely wrong please tell me! I would love to hear more thoughts on this sticky subject.

I’m also looking to connect with more bloggers on Instagram so let me know your handle, I’d love to check out your insta 🙂 you can find me here.

Til next time,

xo Becca


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