Hello 2017 | 7 New Years Resolutions

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I’ve been reflecting on the past year and stewing over it – I was quite content with thinking it was an all-round good year but nothing special.

But then I checked back to the post I wrote last year at this time and actually, a lot has changed and I’m in a much better place now (although I am most definitely fatter and still probably an alcoholic).

So I’m going to start this year on a much more positive note. I don’t think last year I was negative but I think I gave up on my goals too easily and didn’t really look and see all the good – maybe cos it hadn’t happened yet!

I’ve decided that setting small but measurable and achievable goals that can be built upon as the year goes by is gonna work for me. Here goes:

Start creating a healthier lifestyle

I know this is the stereotypical resolution but I was in far better shape a couple of years ago and more importantly, way more confident and comfortable in my skin. I had a knee injury towards the end of 2016 so I haven’t been able to exercise for ages, I’ve stopped all my walking to and from train stations/home/work (about 5 miles a day) and this had the knock-on effect that I just totally gave up with a nice balanced diet and yes – I went full carb! It was amazing.

Now none of my damn clothes fit so although I thought I was laughing my way through countless lasagnes I literally cannot afford to fork out for a new wardrobe (don’t excuse the pun). So I have made the decision to start the Bikini Body Guide designed by Kayla Itsines. It speaks for itself so all it requires from me is a little dedication and discipline. Wish me luck.

Practise my photography

For Christmas I got a DSLR (#luckygirl) and I’m sooooooo excited to learn my way around it. As I’ve got more into instagram and editing my photos I’ve found that I really enjoy looking for unique photo opportunities and also composing photos for my blog (#flatlay 😉 ) So I’m pretty stoked to get some of that bokeh in my pictures! I’ve already signed up for a couple of photograph blogs so I’m really hoping I can see this through to 2018.

Enjoy the little moments

Sometimes I think that I’m in my own thoughts so often that I miss those little but significant things. Like those moments that shouldn’t be anything special but actually end up being a golden memory that always makes you smile. It’s not that I don’t appreciate them or that I miss them completely, but I think I need to make sure that I’m always living in the moment and being completely present.

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When I as younger, I used to read in bed every night. Even a couple of years ago while I was studying I continued to do this when I wasn’t going out but lately I’ve got completely addicted to Family Guy and QVC beauty (genuinely – I know) so I end up watching telly instead of getting stuck into a good book.

This is honestly so odd for me because I’ve always stressed to people that I am 100% a book person and would always choose a book over a TV show but the pull of Family Guy and bargain beauty is just so strong.  I’ve got some really good books lined up so they should win me over. We’ll see.

Spend less time on my phone

Now this is a tough one. I LOVE INSTAGRAM. And I’ve never been someone to sit on my phone when I’m out with people but I do want to make sure that I’m not on social media and even games too much. Maybe this is an easy one actually?

Blog consistently

Well I have to admit I’m quite ashamed of my feeble attempts at blogging regularly last year. It was a combination of life getting in the way and honestly? Laziness. But I have every intention to tackle this differently this year. Watch this space.

Become part of the blogging community

Because of the aforementioned laziness, I have basically just watched people and fellow bloggers interacting on Twitter and YouTube etc and I do think this is partly because I’m a little scared too. What if other bloggers don’t like me? But I’m going to be brave and get talking to some of the lovely bloggers that I follow on Instagram and Twitter because I love what the blogosphere represents and I would really like to be a part of that.

I think there is a general theme to my resolutions and I’m really hoping that I can learn from last year’s mistakes and make some really good changes so I can grow as a person.

Don’t let anyone dim your damn shine – including yourself! You can do it 😀

Have you made any resolutions (do you have any tips to help me with mine?!) I’d love to know!

xo Becca

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