Bikini Body Guide | Week 1 | Workouts & Meal Plan

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As I outlined in my New Year’s Resolutions post, I am working on living a healthier lifestyle. I’ve decided to kick start this by using Kayla Itsines’ Bikini Body Guide which I must say I have followed to a T so far and I am loving it! I thought it might be useful to start documenting what I do (hopefully to look back on in a few months to see how far I’ve come 😉 )

BBG Workouts

So for the first 4 weeks you do a combination of steady-state cardio and the beginner BBG workouts. I did alternate days, so for my steady-state cardio I decided to take my dog for a 45 minute/3 mile walk. I’m still recovering from my knee injury so I’m starting very slow and hoping to ramp that up to either longer walks or jogs in a few weeks. I’ve managed to do all the workouts this week and I’m really, really pleased with starting well on this resolution.

Start as you mean to go on!


For my meal plan I decide to go my own way. Kayla’s plan is great but I wanted more of an impact so I have really reduced dairy (although cheese did manage to creep in a lot occasionally), dropped the carbs lower and upped the fat. I know my body responds well to this from my previous experience with meal plans so this is a diet I think will suit me. I have taken inspiration from Kayla’s plan still as it obviously is designed to compliment the BBG workouts but it does have my own spin on it and I’m using my own recipes based on my macros for the day.

Egg frittata - a low carb breakfast by The Après Gal

Here is my egg frittata cooling down, looking rather sunny

I set my macros like this:

25% Carbs / 87g
40% Fat / 62g
35% Protein / 123g

Which is about 1400 calories a day which should be an ideal amount for healthy, sustainable weight loss.

My meal plan for week 1 was set like this:


Breakfast: Whole egg frittata with veggies + Frank’s red hot sauce to serve
Snack: 2 kiwis + handful pistachios
Lunch: Lemon roasted chicken breast with avocado salad
Snack: Protein shake (either Cute Nutrition or Pea Protein Isolate) + 30g beef jerky
Dinner: Low carb Creamy Chilli King Prawn Linguine (recipe to come)

Low Carb Creamy Chilli King Prawn Linguine for lunch or dinner by The Après Gal

Low Carb Creamy Chilli King Prawn Linguine


Breakfast: Whole egg frittata with veggies + Frank’s red hot sauce to serve
Snack: 2 kiwis + handful pistachios
Lunch: Tuna mayo salad bowl (recipe to come)
Snack: Protein shake (either Cute Nutrition or Pea Protein Isolate) + half pack pork crackling strips
Dinner: Low carb Bacon Pesto Pasta with parmesan (recipe to come)

Low Carb Bacon Pesto Pasta Bake by The Après Gal

I turned the Bacon Pesto Pasta into a cheeky pasta bake for a dinner that felt like a treat on Friday night. Can’t take all the credit though, Mike suggested it!

Weekends – I tracked all my foods in MyFitnessPal so I made sure I kept within my calorie limit and within 10% of my macros, so I was much more relaxed about my diet but still disciplined.

Supplements/Water Intake

So I made sure I had my protein shake after my workout, I was drinking roughly 2.5 litres of water a day including fruit infusions of lemon, cucumber and pink himalayan sea salt in the morning and a cup of camomile tea before bed. I also started trying to remember to take CLA’s with my meals but I was really inconsistent with this and kept forgetting like the wally I am.

How did it go?

Overall I followed everything pretty well from Monday-Friday and I’m soooo pleased about this. I’m hoping that next week I can increase the intensity of the workouts and push my self a little bit more. I’m also hoping that I can get more sleep as I struggled with that last week (think it was the dread of having to get up for work after the lovely Christmas break).

I’m really happy as I’ve tried to waste as little food as possible and I did pretty well with this (one chicken breast sadly didn’t make it which I’m p*ssed off about as a chicken has had to die for that)

Also the first day I put wayyyy too much salt in my fruity water and it was literally sea water with lemon flavour so I’ve defo learnt from that mistake! Ergh!

Next week I’m going to plan for the weekend as well although I have a bit of a problem – I’m doing dry January but I’m going to a house party! What do I do?!

How are your resolutions going so far? Have you done Kayla’s guides before?

xo Becca





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