Glam Gift Guide for Her Under £50

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Christmas is already an expensive time of year with all the boozing and eating pigs in blankets let alone actually buying presents for anybody (not because you already spent all your money on yourself on Cyber Monday me too). I love giving gifts to be honest but I do like to keep to a budget but I also like to make people feel super pampered and special.

So I’ve put together a glam gift guide for the girly gals in your life that isn’t going to break the bank. If your looking for a more masculine guide then check out this one (live on 5th Dec)

A guide for buying glam presents when you are on a budget. Get inspired on by this glam gift guide on

1. Silky Pyjamas

There has been an explosion of loungewear and pyjama lines this year and for good reason. I don’t know about you but not only do I look and feel better but I deeefinitely sleep better in some nice silky PJ’s instead of a top I got for free in a cereal box in 2004 that’s still 4 sizes too big for me even though my mum has washed it 1.8 billion times. Tell someone they’re worth it. (PJ Set pictured: River Island entire set costs £34 . You can find similar styles on Missguided, Ted Baker and ASOS)

2. Perfume

Perfume is a funny one. You either can’t go wrong with it, or it’s devastatingly wrong. There is no middle ground here, this is the Game of Thrones of gifts: you win, or you DIE. If you’re not sure, DO NOT GUESS. Always go with something she uses regularly, then you know it’s something she likes, will use a lot and you’ve saved yourself today. If you are feeling a little more adventurous, make sure you do your research. People tend to stick to the same fragrance families when they pick perfumes so figure out if she goes for woody, oriental or floral scents and work from there. (You can always read about the notes online if you’re not sure)

3. Scented Candle

Scented candles are a bit less finicky to select as a perfume as I always find people far less fussy about room scent than what they wear. But I think it’s still good to go with similar smells to what they already choose, making scented candles an easy present to buy.

4. Stationery

I know it’s not just me that’s obsessed with stationery. I can’t help myself, no matter how much I have, I always want more! I absolutely love pretty matching stationery and to be honest I think it’s something that’s really hard to go wrong with. In fact, other than buying an ugly design (which is difficult because I’ve not seen any ugly designs) there’s no way you can get it wrong. For the touch of glam I’d look for some soft faux leather designs and flashes or metallic for a polished edge.

5. Marble + Monograms

Marble and monogrammed bits are everywhere this season. Don’t you remember those rich kids in the American films, they always had like monogrammed towels or bathrobes? I always really wanted a dressing gown with my initials on the back ha! Let’s take some inspo from the insta fashion pack and get a white marble, monogrammed phone case (£20). What else could you possibly need for that perfect mirror selfie? 😉 Nothing says special like a personalised item. It’s a memorable gift!

6. Sleek Desk Accessories

Okay so I know not everybody will have a desk but a few well-placed ornaments can add a touch of glamour to any bedroom (or desk) 😉 It’s a little bit personal, a little bit fun and if it’s shiny or sparkly at all then it definitely ticks the glam box. Go for something fun with a gold pineapple or Jaguar (both £7.99) or go for more sophisticated with Kate Spade’s desk essentials (approx £30).

7. Luxury Chocolate

As if I would make a gift guide without any food, especially chocolate. The only gals that would be unhappy with some chocolate for a christmas pressie are those that don’t like chocolate (and let’s face it they are freeeeaaks anyway 😉 ) Go all out on a selection box from Hotel Chocolat (£35) or get some copycat fancy-pants topped chocolate from M&S (£30). This is not just a chocolate recommendation, this is an M&S chocolate recommendation.

8. Luxurious Skincare

So I think this is one that you have to be a little careful with (don’t go buying your sister with the super-sensitive skin anything that might give her a reaction!) but generally any lovely toiletries or skincare with pretty packaging and a lovely scent will be appreciated. The great thing about toiletries is that they don’t have to be majorly expensive to feel like a luxury. Take a look at Soap & Glory or Champneys for ideas. Skincare will be a little more expensive but look for gift sets in Boots like this Liz Earle one (£40).

9. Something alcohol-related that’s not alcohol

I mean, there’s nothing wrong with buying someone a nice bottle of gin or vodka but you know it’s not going to last very long! Get something a little quirky and maybe you could match the gin with it 😉 take inspiration from this cute cocktail making set (£25). It brings a little retro style glamour to the table and doesn’t break the bank.

10. The gift that keeps on giving

There’s something lovely about getting a surprise in the post every month: that’s right, I’m talking subscriptions. You can get magazine subscriptions for the whole year for ridiculously low prices, have a look at Condé Naste Traveller here (£24 for 12 issues) or go for a beauty box subscription which is a little more expensive (£30 + p&p for a 3 month gift subscription) but it’s like 6 mini pressies every month! Amazing!

I loooove getting something that’s a little bit glam and I really like that there are so many options for this that aren’t ridiculously expensive. Of course you can go all out but you don’t have to.

I hope this gives you a little idea and that you enjoyed it 🙂 stay tuned for the next festive feature, a Glam Gift Guide for Him!

xo Becca



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