10 Tiny Ways to Say I Love You

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I’m a firm believer in making the most of ‘the little things’. I don’t think that the biggest gestures are the most important or the most telling. I think it’s the things you do without thinking that count the most. Here’s a little list to make you smile cos you know it’s the stuff you get all the time from your mum, partner, best friends and even strangers sometime (mind, they probs don’t love ya though)

  • Tag them in something on Facebook or Instagram

Very first world and very millenial, but it always makes me smile when someone tags me in something. Whether it’s a cute Frenchie puppy, a T-Rex terrorising the neighbourhood or something about the galaxy, the fact somebody has thought of me when they are watching something is always a little heartwarming. I know that I always tend to tag only the closest people to me when I want to share the things I enjoy with them or find something relatable.

  • Lend them a book

You can’t just lend anybody any book. It doesn’t work like that. When someone lends you a book, it’s a lovely thoughtful gesture. They want to share something that they have enjoyed with you cos they reckon you’ll like it too! I find that if I ever want to buy somebody a book, I end up putting a lot of thought into it cos the LAST thing I’d want to do is get them a crap book.

10 Tiny Ways to Say I Love You | This is also a good way to help somebody that is depressed without stressing them too much. Read it on theapresgal.com

  • Message them ‘Good Morning’

Maybe a little bit more of a couply one but I think this is something that is quick, free and simple and a guaranteed way of showing that you care for someone. If you’re lucky it will be the first thing they see all day!

  • Share a bite of your food

Nothin’ says love like sharing food. NOTHING.

  • Make sure they get home safe

Whenever I leave somebody and we both start to make our way home, I always tell them to let me know they get home safe. I genuinely want to know as it put my mind at ease and obviously it’s somebody I cre about! I think this goes both ways to making both people feel special and loved. :*

  • Compliments!

Who doesn’t love a little compliment! I know some people say they hate them (myself included) but I think that’s the lack of knowing how to react. Giving someone a little compliment can make their day. You never know, a little praise from you might turn a shitty morning into a great afternoon. It always makes you feel good too 🙂

  • Make them a cup of tea

Don’t forget, us Brits live off tea. It is the life and soul of our daily activities and is useful in any situation. A well made cup of tea is the perfect way to say I love you without saying anything at all. It’s like a cuddle from your nanny in a warm mug.

10 Tiny Ways to Say I Love You | This is also a good way to help somebody that is depressed without stressing them too much. Read it on theapresgal.com

  • Spend time with them – even if you don’t do anything

I always seem to do this with people that I love. Even my dog. She’s not a lover of cuddles and affection but she always wants to be with everyone and is always most content when she’s with somebody. We can all take a leaf out of Daisy’s book and just enjoy the company of the people we love. Time is something you can only give so it’s always meaningful when somebody just wants to spend time with you.

10 Tiny Ways to Say I Love You | This is also a good way to help somebody that is depressed without stressing them too much. Read it on theapresgal.com

  • Show them a song you love

Similar to lending a book I suppose. Music always teaches you about people and what they love and to share a part of that is to share a part of them.

  • Tell them about something silly that happened during your day

Sharing a little thing that most people would think was insignificant is actually one of the loveliest little ways to say I love you. Sometimes it’s an embarrassing story, or it could even be something really, really funny and they have been waiting all day to tell you properly. This is also very important to do for someone that is feeling a little low.

It’s the little things!

What little things make you feel loved? What tiny things do people do that make you feel special?

xo Becca


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