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When I first got back from travelling and living abroad, I really struggled to get an interview, let alone a full-time role! I was contacted by temping agency Brook Street and I eventually was offered a full-time role by one of the placements I was sent out on. Here’s why I will always recommend giving temping a go…

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One of the main benefits is the sheer amount of control you have when you are temping. You can control what days you work and what shifts you do. This all allows you to work on whatever you need to, in your own time and on your terms. Of course, the shift patterns will be laid out by your agency but all you need to do is let them know when you’re available. You can do as little or as much as you want depending on your individual needs making it ideal for a young, sassy gal trying to figure out the right career path. These things can’t be rushed, yo! 😉


Temping enables you to dip your toe into the water before taking the plunge. You will basically have to commit from as little as a week’s worth of shifts to a few month’s worth. I think this is ideal for people who have other things planned and need to earn a little money (between travelling trips, for example) or for people who need to gain some much needed experience without going head first into uncharted territory.


Talking about experience – most roles nowadays require you to have a PhD + 5 years experience just so you can enter data into a spreadsheet :(. But seriously, it’s so difficult to get something when you are fresh out of uni and didn’t have the opportunity to do a placement year! Temping gives you little bits of office experience that will benefit your CV massively if you have little prior office experience. Of course, it doesn’t have to be office either but this is the only type of temping I have done.

While you are doing these roles you will need to adapt quickly and in this process you will pick up small but necessary skills. This all contributes to your personal development and might even give you new skills to add to your cv.


When you are stuck at home because you can’t get a job, it gets pretty lonely. Everyone else is at work, so you can’t see them during the day and then when they are free, you have no money. Coz you have no job :@. It’s a catch 22 and I know I felt pretty alone. I was lucky enough to have a very supportive family and group of friends who made sure I kept my spirits up.

One of the things I loved about temping was meeting loads of people just like me, straight out of uni or back from travels with no experience. I also met loads of people who had heaps of experience but were between jobs or looking to change career paths completely. It taught me that you are never alone! There are so many people in a similar situation and for a variety of different reasons. So dust yourself off, stop doubting and go sign up with that agency.


Realising that you are not alone and knowing that you are actively trying to change your situation will do you the world of good. Temping really gave me a fresh outlook and helped me to start putting plans into action and strategising my plans. Before I signed up with an agency I actually started to think there was no hope! Looking back this was such a silly attitude but when things are looking bleak it’s very easy to start giving up and shutting off. As a temp, you do start to have control over things, I absolutely loved picking and choosing the days to work that suited me and although most of the roles were not something I would have considered a career in, they really did teach me some useful skills and got me motivated again.


I was lucky enough to be offered a slightly longer term temping role of 2 months, and that company actually offered me a full time job after my first month there. I was thrilled as I loved the place and was feeling quite sad and a little apprehensive about leaving.

Don’t bank on this happening as a temp, but consider it a possibility. Always remember that even if a company cannot keep you, they can always give you a good reference which will help you in your next role.

Temping was one of the best things I ever did. Have you ever temped or considered it? Let me know your thoughts!

xo Becca

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