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I was only looking up bottomless sushi and prosecco while having a laugh with Mike (we can’t stop eating sushi or drinking prosecco when the red wine runs out of course) so I thought I was dreaming when the first option on Google was Sushi Sunday at Maze in Mayfair.

Sushi Sunday at Gordon Ramsey's Maze in Mayfair, London. Read the review on

After a sweaty tube journey and a fight with the breeze/umbrella combination, we found Maze tucked away just on Grosvenor Square. It was actually easier to find than expected but I had so much hair in my face from the wind and the entrance was pretty subtle.


When you go in, you have what looks like the Grill on the right and the Sushi restaurant on the left. (I might be wrong). After our coats were taken, we were seated up by the sushi bar which I wasn’t sure about at first but I loved watching the sushi prep and chatting to the chefs throughout the meal.

Sushi Sunday at Gordon Ramsey's Maze in Mayfair, London. Read the review on

The decor was kinda retro, I guess I’d call the lights mellow neon and the mismatched chairs had a retro-glam ‘if-you-sit-on-me-you’ll-look-cooler‘ edge. I just wanted to take one and put it in my room as a statement piece. The atmosphere was very relaxed; a low murmur of chatty people and the clinking of glasses on bracelets and tables. I hate going to ‘fancy’ restaurants where you end up feeling really uptight and self-conscious so a chilled vibe is definitely a hit with me.

So, we had 1.5 hours to neck as much prosecco as possible and to stuff ourselves with nigiris and maki rolls. Sounds like heaven don’t it? 😉


To start, we were given a little bowl of miso soup. I’ve always wanted to try miso soup but just never got round to it. I have to say I was not disappointed. Mike and I were looking at each other’s bowls in case there was any left to have! It was really satisfying – abundant with brothy flavour but not too full-on and the right amount to start off a meal.

Sushi Sunday at Gordon Ramsey's Maze in Mayfair, London. Read the review on

The soup was followed by the introductory Chef’s Platter of sushi – a selection of maki rolls, california rolls and nigiris. We discovered butterfish, the ‘white salmon’ was our new favourite.

Sushi Sunday at Gordon Ramsey's Maze in Mayfair, London. Read the review on

L-R: California Rolls (Tuna tartare, Salmon tartare, Kingfish I think) Maki Rolls and Tuna, Kingfish, Salmon, Butterfish nigiri


Before I forget, we had two waiters that were always on hand to top up dat prosecco help. No, seriously, my glass was never empty. It was bloody marvellous.

After the first platter, you can then order a platter of maki or sushi. The chef was happy to do a mixed platter for us as we liked it all 🙂

Sushi Sunday at Gordon Ramsey's Maze in Mayfair, London. Read the review on

The tuna tartare roll was my favourite – it was slightly sweet with a little kick, topped with some crispy, salty wonton crisps which is what did it for me. Divine!

Mike’s favourite was the butterfish nigiri (I think) In fact he complained that it wasn’t a 2 hour seating!


Best bits? I actually don’t know if I can pick a best bit! The sushi was incredible, the prosecco was great and on tap and the service was wonderful.

Would I go back? I can’t wait to go back, maybe à la carte next time 😉

Would I recommend it? Yes – and deeeefinitely the Sunday deal.

Who is it good for? There was quite a varied clientele here although it’s worth mentioning that I didn’t see any children. It’s a very calm, chilled zone.

Budget? For the Sushi Sunday at Maze deal it was £40 a head, not including service. I thought this was more than fair. It is a lot more expensive on the à la carte menu, but I’ve heard great things about the drinks menu.

If you’re on the fence about snapping up the Sushi Sunday at Maze Mayfair I suggest you book it now! I think it has swiftly positioned itself as one of my absolute faves.

Have you ever been to the Maze in Mayfair? Or even any of the others? Let me know! 🙂

xo Becca

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