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If you are ever looking for something a bit different but still familiar in zone 1/2 then you must get yourself over to The Stable, Whitechapel.

Go somewhere a little unconventional the next time you are in London. Check out my review of The Stable, Whitechapel on

The Stable is located along the bustling Whitechapel Road which seems to have a new store, cafe or restaurant pop up every time I go back there. As you can see from the photo above, it’s got that really relaxed and cool vibe but you still feel like you’re treating yourself.

I think it feels special here because all the menus are different based on what ingredients are available locally, and the country Dorset vibe is captured in the heart of London with the extensive cider selection. It’s better than that massive Tesco down the road! There are honestly at least 50 types of cider (their website boasts 60+ at most restaurants) so if you fancy something different to your standard Strawberry & Lime Kopparberg I highly suggest you give this a go.

We went to The Stable on a Tuesday evening to take advantage of the wicked £10 for a pizza, side salad and drink deal. Inside it’s very open and kind of urban with loads of plants hanging everywhere which I really liked. I got an achy neck from looking around so much. I probably looked like I was nosing at everyone’s dinners. I was.

The menu has a variety of pizzas available with original names. It’s fun and memorable. I went for the ‘Fresh Hawaiian’ topped with raw avocado and chilli, and Mike went for ‘The Chirpy Cockney’ as he loves all things London and decided not to go for the pies like a normal northerner. We waited about 25 minutes for our pizza’s and had a couple of drinks in that time. The service was great, not too OTT but not too relaxed either.

Go somewhere a little unconventional the next time you are in London. Check out my review of The Stable, Whitechapel on

Here’s Mike, so excited for his pizza that he’s got his knife and fork the wrong way round.

The pizzas were absolutely delicious, and look at the size of ’em! They had a lovely thin base which was like the best dough EVER, and the hawaiian with air-dried pork loin instead of standard ham was just amazing. I love pizza topped with avocado so I was sooo pleased that this was an option.

Mike’s pizza was also lovely although I’m not a fan of chicken on pizza so I didn’t try too much. But he gave it a big thumbs up as well.

Go somewhere a little unconventional the next time you are in London. Check out my review of The Stable, Whitechapel on

Look at those b-e-a-utiful pizzas. MMMM! 😀


Best bits? I really loved the vibe from this place, and the cool names for the pizzas set the tone for how tasty they were.

Would I go back? Yes.

Would I recommend it? Yes, it’s so ideal for different needs and would suit a lot of people.

Who is it good for? I reckon this place really does cater for everyone! I imagine it being quite student-y, and working really well for small-medium groups of people. Also excellent for cider connoisseurs. 😉

Budget? Well we went and got a feast plus drink for a tenner. It’s a little more without the deal but is a total steal unless you are on an extremely tight budget.

What an amazing little place! Have you ever been to one of these – or even managed to make it to The Stable, Whitechapel already? Tell me about it! 🙂

xo Becca

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