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I had always wanted to go to Dubrovnik and I was especially excited after planning my own DIY Game of Thrones tour. I was pretty chuffed that I managed to squeeze it in to my Eastern Europe trip last summer. Being a massive Game of Thrones obsessive fan, I couldn’t resist wanting to see all the filming locations so here is how I worked out my own Game of Thrones tour.

Dubrovnik: DIY Game of Thrones Tour. Big fan of the show? Me too! Don't pay for a tour when you can have much more fun yourself! Find out how on

Dubrovnik is so much more than Game of Thrones, but I’m going to keep this guide simple. I’ll work on another Dubrovnik guide that includes everything but, die hard GoT fans, this one is for YOU.


First things first, you need to do the City Walls. Yes there is a small charge (roughly equivalent to £10), and yes everybody does it, but it’s absolutely insane. The famous terracotta roofs are striking against the glittering Adriatic ocean – you can see where this old pebbled town gets its charm.

Breathtaking views over Old Town, Dubrovnik. Find out how to do your own DIY Game of Thrones tour on


If you are travelling to Dubrovnik in the summer, I strongly advise walking the City Walls either earlier in the morning or late afternoon evening. It’s far too hot in the middle of the day, combine that with crowds of tourists and no shade and you have a recipe for sunstroke and disaster.

The view from the City Walls, Dubrovnik. DIY Game of Thrones tour, find out more on

More views from the DIY Game of Thrones tour. See more on

More views from the DIY Game of Thrones tour. See more on

Tvrđava Minčeta/House of the Undying

It’s worth bearing in mind that this is only accessible via the City Walls. You won’t be able to get to it or even get a good view/photos of it without paying for your pass. I found that this part actually tended to be a little quieter and you can spend a little time observing (if that’s your thang 😉 ) Anyway, this 14th century fortress is still standing strong. Head up the stairs inside for some great panoramic views of Dubrovnik but prepare to queue, or do your best Daenerys and saunter round.

DIY Game of Thrones Tour. Do your best Daenerys in Dubrovnik - find out how on
I’ve always wanted to be a dragon queen

Don’t just walk around the City Walls; while the views are great and you get a panoramic scene, you need to go for a stroll through the town itself for a proper DIY Game of Thrones tour. There are a load of scenes you will recognise from Game of Thrones and you don’t need a guided tour to find them. Go for a little explore yourself and see what you can find! I’ll give you a clue – there are at least 3 filming locations dotted around. Look for the stairs… 😉

Explore Dubrovnik's Old Town in your own DIY Game of Thrones Tour. Find out how on
Somewhere in the town
Fort Lovrijenac/The Red Keep Joffrey’s Name Day

See this from a distance on the City Walls walk, or go and visit it yourself. Make sure you show your ticket from the Walls as the Fort is included. Get prepared for a lot of stairs! If you want to know about the history and origins without paying for a tour I suggest looking it up online as it’s not like a museum inside. Worth a look though if you want to immerse yourself in the walls of the Red Keep. I think you can get all the info you need from a quick Google 😉

Porporela/Views of the bay

Another spot where you can get some lovely views of King’s Landing. This one’s a bit of a mix of old and new so you’ll see a lot of nice yachts and boats and restaurants against the pebbled background you will recognise from the show.

Hotel Belvedere

It’s crazy to imagine that Hotel Belvedere was once a grand 5* hotel. The hotel was abandoned in the 1990’s during the civil war and has been left that way for 20 years. This place is worth a visit anyway but if you want to see where The Mountain fought The Red Viper then look no further. It does look different now but the whole set was restored for the filming of this scene. I found this to be the most impressive purely because you can really see the effort put into the set design for GoT. Wear your bikini when you go here and have a paddle in the sea after your DIY Game of Thrones tour, it’s way less busy than the main town and the views of Old Town and the Adriatic sea from here are remarkable.

The abandoned Hotel Belvedere where The Mountain vs The Red Viper was filmed. DIY Game of Thrones tour in Dubrovnik. Get more ideas on
It’s been painted over with some sh*t football thing. I don’t think Varys would be impressed.
Lokrum Island

I’ve left this one till last because I’ve heard mixed things. I didn’t actually go to Lokrum myself because I was advised by a local that it wasn’t worth it and I’d be better off spending my time in Dubrovnik. Lokrum is where scenes from Quarth were filmed and I can imagine it’s very pretty, however I enjoyed getting the views of the island from the City Walls. It’s quite a cheap day or half day trip so if you have the time it’s probably worth a visit however if you are limited for time, then just enjoy the views of the little island from Old Town instead.

Pretty little Lokrum and Dubrovnik Old Town from the top of Mount Srdj. Quarth from the DIY Game of Thrones tour. See more on
Pretty little Lokrum and Dubrovnik Old Town from the top of Mount Srdj.

To give you a little guide, here’s a map I used with drop points to plan my itinerary:

A few little pointers for your Game of Thrones tour. See the guide on

Pink: Fort Lovrijenac/The Red Keep Joffrey’s Name Day
Lilac: Tvrđava Minčeta/House of the Undying
Green: Porporela/Views
Burgundy: Hotel Belvedere/The Mountain vs The Red Viper
Blue: Lokrum Island/Quarth

So that’s how I did my tour without having to cough up £50+. You too can do your own DIY Game of Thrones tour and I really hope my little guide will help you with your planning.

Have you been to Dubrovnik? Did you do a tour? Let me know how it compares to my DIY version!

xo Becca


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