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Camden is one of my favourite places to go in London. It’s buzzy, vibrant and multi-cultural and there is always something new to see. My uni friends and I always meet here as it has easy connections to the trains, tubes and coaches and simply because it’s so damn cool. Last time we went, we ended up chatting to a promoter (one minute he was promoting VR goggles and the next, a bar – very random) so we took his offer for the happy hour cocktails at Atrium Kitchen.

Atrium Kitchen is set in the heart of Camden, overlooking the market. It has an eclectic feel with higgledy-piggledy seating and a breezy calmness – it’s almost like a rooftop bar with all the large open windows. There are a selection of tables to eat at and cosier, cushty seating by the windows where you can relax with your drinks. You just seat yourself like a standard pub.

Cocktails at Atrium Kitchen in Camden.

It’s just up that ramp, overlooking the market

We had just eaten but my god, how I wished I had room for a warm chocolate brownie. It looked insanely delicious. We had a quick glance at the menu to see what we had missed. The food choices looked good but we didn’t even have room for pudding! Instead, in true ex-student fashion, we went straight to the bar.

Us girls decided to start by sharing a bottle of red which came in at a massive, wallet-emptying £4 each and the boys went for the 4 bottles of beer for a tenner. I love happy hour.

Cheers! Cocktails and drinks in Camden at Atrium Kitchen. Read more on

Cheers bitches!

I do wish I had tried the cocktails, I didn’t manage to get any pictures but the cocktail menu at Atrium looked amazing, I saw a couple go past and they almost looked too beautiful to drink! 😉 (please note almost haha)

Cocktail menu for Atrium Kitchen, Camden.


Best bits? I love the location and the decor, it was soooo cool! – I really wish I had tried a cocktail.

Would I go back? I think I’ll go back to try a cocktail or 4 😉

Would I recommend it? Yeah definitely, especially if you want to chill out away from the hustle and bustle of the market – you are only a stone’s throw away from all the action.

Who is it good for? Best for small to medium groups of friends.

Budget? Well if you go for happy hour (which is actually more like 8 hours btw) then you are getting great value for money, especially in central London. A bottle of wine was £12, and 4 beers were £10.

Next time you’re in Camden, check out the cocktails at Atrium Kitchen, I’ll be heading back there for sure.

xo Becca

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