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Back in May (I know, I know), my sisters surprised me and took me to DSTRKT restaurant in Piccadilly for my birthday. Well, they tried to surprise me but somebody let it slip… and of course I needed to know what to wear!

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DSTRKT is a short walk from Leicester Square toob (about 10 minutes, 55 in heels) and is slightly tucked away around a corner so make sure you’ve got maps on to find it cos it’s not completely obvious. The entrance is quite small and has flowy curtains for that extra mystery. It is also a bar/club after all.

It’s obvious from the moment you walk in that this is a stylish establishment: the giant restaurant area is multi-level, spacious and dynamic. The decor screams chic with it’s twinkly blue centrepiece lighting, sleek leather chairs and Japanese influenced art. You can see why they boast a huge celebrity clientele.

We sauntered through to our table and were given a complimentary glass of prosecco each. Lovely. Our waiter was soon with us and ran through all the options, any special and also some recommendations which I always really appreciate. I’m not very good at making decisions where there’s amazing food to distract me.

As advised by our helpful waiter, we got a mixture of appetisers to start including veggie spring rolls, fried green olives, truffle gnocci and a mixture of California rolls and sashimi. The fried green olives were absolutely amazing, something so simple but that little fried twist just gave em an edge.

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They look little but it was such a good pre-meal!

We had a really distinctive but delicate white wine to go with our food but for the life of me I can’t remember what it was called. I’m not normally a white wine drinker either but this really stuck in my mind. Shame DSTRKT don’t have a wine list online because I will hunt that liquid down.

For mains, Jordan and I had the black cod, and Megan had the béarnaise sauce with a little bit of steak to accompany it. I had never tried black cod before and it was divine. Why on earth did it take me 24 years to try it?! If you haven’t, I suggest you do. Like, immediately!

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Now, dessert was a tricky one. All the options were filled with dairy, and while I can eat some, generally I try to avoid it. I asked the waiter if there were any other options, and he diligently went and checked with the chef. He came back looking disappointed and said “we only have boring fruit salad” with a pout to match.

I f*cking LOVE fruit salad! When I was small, it was always my pudding of choice. Delighted, I agreed to have the boring fruit salad. Can’t say I agree on the boring front:

Surprise fruit salad pudding at DSTRKT, Soho, London. See more on

Incredible. And such good service, he went out of his way to find a viable option so that I could enjoy the last bit of my birthday dinner.


Best bits? Would have to be the black cod, closely followed by that amazing fruit salad, and of course not forgetting the fantastic service ;).

Would I go back? 100%. I’m actually looking to go back there in the very near future.

Would I recommend it? Yes.

Who is it good for? Ideal for smaller groups and couples/dates. People that like to feel glam but not OTT. A larger group would be better off in the bar 😉

Budget? At least £50 per person if you want to drink.


Have you ever been to DSTRKT? Tell me what you thought! 🙂

xo Becca


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