Valentine’s Day is not for me (this year)

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It’s that time of year again, birds are singing, blossom is on the trees and lambs are bouncing around in fields… unless you’re in any part of the UK right now and your walks to work make you even better acquainted with your drizzly, bleak shadowy mate fondly known as Storm Imogen.

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It’s okay, the cat’s got wine

Even better when you log on to Facebook or Instagram and it is full to the brim of cringey, cutesy kissy photos and status’, thank fuck my Snapchat is still full of my friends being total goons and sending selfies that have been edited to perfection by Snapchats filters (I’m totally addicted, how funny are they?!) Even though a couple of em are all loved up (you cuties)

This Valentine’s day I’m actually spending in the French Alps, with my 2 sisters and my dad. So this year, wine is my boyfriend. And I’m totally happy with that. Last year valentine’s day was just before I started getting into a relationship and I’m pretty okay with being in a similarly single situation – hopefully this time it lasts longer! I totally had a Galentine’s day last year (one of the boys came too, it was a great night – there was pizza and cards against humanity, would highly recommend)

So, it’s okay if nobody loves you, you can eat loads of pizza and chocolate and cry at films and funny cats and babies and nobody needs to judge you when you Insta-stalk a girl boss and wish you hadn’t eaten all that pizza. The only person that can judge you is your dog and they will ALWAYS love you. So, get your other single gal pals (or guys, you don’t have to be fussy) and celebrate your singleness together!

P.S. I’m totally not bitter 😉

Happy Valentine’s Day – I hope you’ve had a wonderful day whether you are in a lovely relationship (that makes me jealous) or if you’re single and loving it. 🙂

xo Becca


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