Tracie Giles Semi Permanent Make Up Eyebrows Review

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That is one brow on fleek  (Freshly retouched the day before photographed)

My brows have just healed after my 4th top up. I’ve been getting them semi-permanently tattooed for 4 years now, and I have never looked back – it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! As we all know, brows are so important to the structure of your face and your overall look, so it can make a huge difference to your face. Nobody wants block tattoos on their face either, so Tracie Giles 3D brows look so natural and perfect. Mine are very dark and quite thick and they look very natural and fit my face just as I want them to.


To cut a long story short, when I was little (like 7 or 8) I was standing in the kitchen, with my mum and dad and my dad tickled me and then I reacted and hit my head on the side. This left me with a scar so my eyebrows always looked wonky where the hair didn’t grow properly!

The point of this story is that my eyebrows never matched due to the scar and it was something that upset me and got to my self confidence in a big way growing up.

The worst part is that my eyebrows are so thick and dark, so you can just imagine the lengths I went to when I was in my teens to try and get them to look symmetrical and neat. OMG one time I had these pencil thin eyebrows, one was straight and the other had a strong arch, and they had those gross thick bulb bits at the centre and then I tried to grow them back, jesus looking back it must have been so terrifying to witness. Ha! The things we do for beauty when we’re kids.

So, three years ago my mum recommended me to visit Tracie Giles Clinic – she had saved up and treated herself to some semi-permanent brows that look AMAZING. It was actually a Christmas present and it was one of the best ever. My sister came with me for the first session and I remember when I sat up she just said “Wow” and smiled at me. Enough said, right?

Before picture from my semi permanent eyebrow tattooing. Read my review and more on

This is after almost 2 years without a retouch – no definition, loss of shape and colour


I’m gonna do a full run-through of the procedure now – I’ve had it done more than a few times so I’m a bit of a pro 😉 The first time before you go, you get sent a patch test to make sure you wont react to the ink used. This is done 24 hours before so enough time to see if it provokes any allergic reaction. Don’t bother with your brow powder/pomade after you’ve arrived and filled out your medical history form, they will remove any make up that’s around the brow area. Once you’re up in the room, you can tell your technician what sort of style you like and how dark you normally wear them but of course they are going to do what’s the most natural/best to suit you. They will also colour blend the inks to specifically match your natural brow/hair so it fits with your skintone/hair colour etc.

I’ve always had an Elite Plus Technician which is approx £600 the first application. You can see a full price list here.

The first step is getting the shape stencilled on. Your technician will draw around the brow with a light pencil and fill in the area to be tattooed with a dark pencil. This is to check the shape and symmetry and to check it enhances your face.

The first round of the tattooing is done without anaesthetic. It does hurt, and you will probably cry. I always cry, but this is from the bright light in my eyeballz. The vibrations from the tattoo machine can also make you sneeze or your eyes water – but the pain isn’t unbearable by any means. If you’ve had a tattoo before, you know the feeling; if not, I liken it to a kitten scratch. I don’t mind it although last time it hurt more than ever before. (Could be hormones related or dryer skin than normal so plan around these things)

Once the first brow is done, it is then covered in anaesthetic which sinks in and activated while your technician works on your other brow. Then the anaesthetic is wiped away and the brows are gone over again to get the pigment fully embedded in the skin.

Straight after semi permanent brow tattooing. Read my review and more on!

Freshly done – the brows do settle and become more even, and mine are naturally very uneven so this is a huge improvement!

My last visit was a touch up, so there was only one session, however when you first get your brows done you will require 2 visits within a certain amount of time – I can’t remember how long (it’s been a while but I think it’s 4-8 weeks). Top-ups are 6-monthly, once a year or once every 2 years depending on how much they fade and personal preference. Keep in mind that the brows will fade a lot from the initial tattooed colour, see the next picture for the final colour of mine. The whole session takes approx 45mins – 1 hour 15 mins TOPS so it isn’t too long and you’re just laying there thinking of England anyway so it’s fine.

No make up close up of fully healed tattooed brow. Read my review and more on

This is no make up and 2 weeks after. Fully healed brow – I’ve tried to highlight the definition by brushing my eyebrow hairs the wrong way. Like any tattoo, the lines will soften and blur slightly but they still look defined and natural


Tracie Giles Salon is located in Knightsbridge, London, about a 10 minute walk from the tube station.


Well I’ve had this done 4 times so I don’t think I’d be going back for nothing! Like I wrote earlier, one of the best decisions I’ve ever made and I will definitely be going back again next year. This isn’t a sponsored post and I honestly absolutely love having my tattooed eyebrows, even for the simplest reason that I’m too lazy to draw them on everyday!

Have you ever considered tattooed eyebrows? Let me know in the comments!

xo Becca

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