My New Year in the French Alps

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Hi lovelies, it’s been a little while since I have posted on here – I’ve been so busy with settling back into work, trying to organise various parts of my life but I’m back & I’ve got ideas for posts and product reviews falling out of my head so I need to get them on here! Brace yourselves 😉



After a lovely Christmas at home + catching up with family, we set off at 4am to begin the long-ass journey to the mountains. I can’t explain to you how much I was looking forward to spending New Year in the French Alps! We were travelling by car so it’s pretty lucky that we’re not too far from Dover. It’s the other side that takes forever – I had my trusty neck pillow with me so I wouldn’t get any nasty neck aches. (And I really didn’t fancy dribbling on myself for my sister to take photos of). I had my hair in rollers as well so I got a few strange looks at the Tunnel station! I’m dedicated to my curls though so wasn’t gonna take em out too early! 😉

On long car trips I try to sleep as much as I can, maybe read a bit + listen to my music – there’s not much to do when you’re stuck in a seat for 12 hours! Apart from tensing and un-tensing your bum cheeks when they go numb but the last thing I want is cramp!

We finally arrived at the chalet at about 7pm (thank God we did cos I was gonna puke everywhere no thanks to Dad’s driving up the winding mountain roads) giving us enough time to chill out, catch up a bit (we were staying at our friend’s chalet – it’s gorgeous!) Shame that it was pretty bleak outside; I mean the mountains looked as magnificent as ever, but where the f*ck was the snow?! Bonnevaux is quite low but it does get some snow and is a good indicator of what the pistes are like. Hmmmm.

Anyway, we had a nice chilled evening, completed with a bangin’ spag bol and some fine red wine (of course). An early night to reset + get ready for an early start the next morning.

Homemade dinner followed by a cheeseboard for New Year in the French Alps | See more at



Today we were all up bright and early, cos we had to drive further and higher than anticipated to get some ‘good’ snow.

I’ll be honest – it wasn’t the best. I can’t believe the shitty El Niño followed me back from Canada. On a side note, they are having incredible amounts of snow this year – can you believe that I was there was the worst snowfall on RECORD?! At least I got to be a part of history, albeit a part as shit as Katie Hopkin’s existence. Yeah, that can be my claim to fame. 😉

Due to the lack of snow there were a lot of pistes closed so this forced people to share the same snow and it was just a giant yard sale all day. It was far too packed and the snow was sheet ice in some spots so speed control was whack and for a beginner it was really tough. My little sister’s boyfriend Tommy was trying out skiing, I’ll give it to him he did well for the first day given the conditions!

Here's a couple of photos taken by my sister. The French Alps at New Year are very pretty :) see more at

I think we were all zonked after dodging Jerry’s all day. When I got back, I wanted to have a ten minute nap and my littlest sister Milly (she’s not really but she is) couldn’t wake me up! I can nap like a boss though. I love a good naprès. Dinner was a lovely homemade Tartiflette. Yum!



Another looooovely sleep, and we were all up early again to search for more snow! Stoked! We drove to Ardent to get lifts up and into Avoriaz where we anticipated a little bit more of the cold stuff. Sadly, it was much the same as the day before but we had a lot of fun today and a bit of a shock! First of all, everybody should get to see my sister Megan ski. It’s brilliant. Kim Kardashian on ice that one. I’ve never seen a booty stick out so much! Haha! Love it! There was also a crash that was a bit unsettling but luckily Gill was okay, she soldiered through!

The family squad lookin' fresh af! See more on

We were all excited this evening as Mum and Jordan were flying over late (Jordan had work, Mum hates “those big long things on my feet”) just in time for the NYE party. We had steak and chicken fajitas for dinner (I love Mexican food 😀 ). My mum and sister arrived pretty late but we all stayed up late and caught up and drank more wine (are you noticing a pattern yet? 😉 ) I do love that the festive season means endless food and drink, hello there pot belly!



Oh my god, the rain was so heavy. We just prayed that meant there was snow higher up, but chucked any plans of skiing in that weather. Instead, we stayed in pyjamas till the late afternoon, playing board games, watching films, eating chocolate and drinking mulled wine. It was sooo much fun and I had such a lovely day and was in a great mood by the time the evening came.

One of the things I love about spending NYE in France is that we celebrate French new year and English new year! Wahoo!! Two champagne toasts and hugs all round! I witnessed some very weird and wonderful dancing (thanks Mum + Kate – and you Jordan) and got very very drunk. I even got to skype my Aussie best mate when it was like 9am there. Mad. I don’t think you spend NYE right if you can remember anything everything the next day ;).

Dressed up to stay in for NYE! See more on

All of the family on NYE! See more on
Please excuse my red wine mouth haha


So new year, new me started well :S. I wasn’t too hungover, but demotivated enough to not do ANYTHING I planned. We ended up going for an afternoon stroll to Abondance Valley – it was all misty but it wasn’t dull at all. It was stunning. Nothing like fresh mountain air to clear your head.

A New Year's Day walk in the valley of Abondance. Beautiful! See more on

A New Year's Day walk in the valley of Abondance. Beautiful! See more on

A New Year's Day walk in the valley of Abondance. Beautiful! See more on

A New Year's Day walk in the valley of Abondance. Beautiful! See more on

In the evening we went for dinner in La Chapelle to Les Cornette’s. I’ve been here about 4 times I think and it does not disappoint. The food is absolutely fantastic. I even tried a snail! It’s like a garlic mushroom to be honest, nothing too crazy. I had a big fat juicy steak and it was divine. Lush!


Thank you for reading my post. I had a lovely new year in the French Alps. What did you get up to?

xo Becca

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