Maybelline Color Show Love This Sweater Review

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A gorgeous nude from Maybelline | Check out my review on

The Maybelline Color Show Collection has about 40-ish shades to pick from, and they are always adding new colours and collections to keep up with the current trends. I had been after a nice nude for a while (I was getting a bit sick of my usual red) so was pretty pleased to see this. I love the name too! Read on for my review of Maybelline Color Show Love This Sweater 😉

Colour Family: Nude

Description: A light taupe with a pinky-mauve tinge. Will suit a wide variety of skin tones + shades.
Initial Thoughts: The packaging is simple but stylish, very inoffensive.

Application: The varnish is a nice and movable consistency that’s easy to work with, especially helped by the medium sized brush. I thought the brush size was ideal for accurate but speedy painting. It took two coats on my left hand and 3 on my right hand (I’m shit at painting my right hand) to give a consistent colour + smooth finish. If you are a skilled nail artiste, then expect 2 coats all round you pro!

Finish + Wearability: So I always use Sally Hansen’s Gel Top Coat, however this does last depending on the longevity of the colour polish itself. I got a good 5-6 days with minimal to no chips, and I have included a picture of 9 days in – it’s still going pretty strong! (They need a change now though). The finish is lovely and glossy with a slight gel-ish effect from the smoothness rather than the thickness.

A gorgeous nude from Maybelline | Check out my review on
Not crazy chipped, and yeah my nails do grow that fast!

Final Thoughts: I LOVE the colour, and I would 100% recommend this to a friend. In fact I’m so impressed that I’m going to buy more from Boots today. Amazing polish for £2.99, and get them while they’re hot! I’m struggling to find this shade online so look out for it in store. 😉

Have you tried any Maybelline Color Show polishes?

Let me know in the comments! 🙂

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