11 Ways to Beat the Mid-Season Blues

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Cos it doesn’t always look like this!

Reality loves to come and bite you on the nose like Jack Frost after Christmas. After all, you’ve just had the most immense 3 months of your life; the anticipation of leaving home for 6-12 months, partying like mad and spending all most of your money, meeting a ton of new people and starting a new job abroad, having the most insane and surreal Christmas and NYE of your life in the snow – and you know it’s only going to carry on for another 3 months!

So why is it that you feel so shit? It’s inevitable really: you’re halfway though the best half year of your life and it’s going waaaaay too quickly. But it’s okay, I’ve been there and comfort binge eaten the pizzas to get through it (I still have the waistline and bank balance to prove it). Here’s a few little things you can do to pick up your spirits and beat those mid-season blues.

  1. Look out the window. Hey dumbo, do you remember where you are?! It’s stunning out there! Appreciate it while it lasts and don’t take it for granted. (nb: if it’s pouring with rain, don’t look outside or you might cry more)
  2. Go for a ski/board alone. Sometimes it’s nice to get away from everybody else and just do what you do. You don’t need to go hard (I recommend a nice chilled day as you are alone) just to take in the mountains and the atmosphere. It’s also less busy at this time of year so you don’t have to worry about too many crazy Jerry’s to cut you up. Pop in an earphone, and of you go!
  3. Do something totally different. Like if you’re in Whis, take a day trip to Van. It’s only a couple of hours away and will give you some fresh perspective and something new to look forward to. A change of scenery can always give you a little boost.
  4. Organise a skype date with a group. By this I mean more than one family member/friend. You are way more likely to cry when it’s just one person so avoid it by getting a group of people to take the piss out of you so your tears are for a completely different reason altogether. (JK) 😉
  5. Do a switch day with your squad. I don’t mean riding switch, I mean literally switch your gear! If you ski, then board for the day. If you board, then ski. No doubt at least one of the crew is doing an instructor course so you’ll be doing them a favour with your extreme lack of skills at least.
  6. Whack on some of that fake tan you bought over Christmas that’s been rotting on your shelf. You can at least look like you’ve tried for about 3 days.
  7. On a rainy day, buy a 24 pack of beer and sit on a gondi, going round and round and round until the drink is gone (nb: don’t do this alone or you defo have a problem and it’s not the mid-season blues)
  8. If the weather is utterly shite, then think about visiting the gym. Well actually visit it. Endorphins yeah!
  9. Or if you are anything like me, encourage a group binge watch of Game of Thrones and order as many pizzas as you can afford with your last $40. Because you’re worth it.
  10. If you only have $5 left, then try to cook a healthy soup with your flatmates. You can save money and have some wholesome home cooking! Nothing warms the soul like a good bowl of soup!
  11. Or, in true seasonnaire style, just carry on going out getting wasted! (You know you will anyway!)

I hope you enjoyed these tips and stopped crying into your 2l cider for a little bit. Life is short and the season is shorter! Live it to the absolute fullest is my best advice but I can guarantee a few of the above will sort you right out and kick your mid-season blues to the curb 🙂

Peace + love,

xo Becca

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