Zara Black Sapphire: A Dupe for Black Opium by YSL

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I love perfume. I absolutely love it. When my family and I go out, the car is a competition of all of our gorgeous smells – we all adore the stuff and slather it on (including Dad – he has an extensive aftershave collection!)

Recently my Mum fell in love with Black Opium, but at £44 for 30ml, it doesn’t come cheap at all. I’m always on the hunt for cheaper versions of high end perfumes, in the past I’ve bought lots of perfume oils ‘in the style of’ whatever perfume the oil is imitating and have also hunted around supermarkets like Lidl and Next to find copycats.

On my recent trip to Dublin, we did a spot of shopping in Zara, and at the checkout I started smelling all the scents that Zara had as it’s a well-known secret that Zara is excellent at imitating very famous and expensive fragrances. I noticed a new fragrance called Black Sapphire, which was in a pretty black glitter box with a pink logo. Sound familiar? After smelling it – it’s a definite dupe for Black Opium.


Zara Black Sapphire as a dupe for YSL Black Opium? Read more on

Even the packing is a little reminiscent! Both are pretty bottles, YSL comes in 30ml, 50ml & 100ml, whereas Zara only comes in 100ml. But at £16.99, it’s a steal!

Proof: My mum has been wearing Black Opium daily and getting loooooads of compliments. She decided to try out the Black Sapphire, and a colleague said to her “Oooh you’re wearing that lovely perfume again aren’t you?” So there you go. The sillage is great, smells pretty damn similar to Black Opium, perhaps not as strong but for such a price difference a lil extra spritz can’t do any harm 😉

An amazing dupe for Black Opium! Save yourself some money, or increase the longevity of your expensive YSL by using Zara as a top-up fragrance.

Have you tried Black Opium? Do you have any great dupes? Let me know in the comments!

xo Becca

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