How to Spend a Long Weekend in Dublin | Part 2

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Hopefully you have seen my first post about my weekend in Dublin with my sisters, we had a great time and you can check out what we got up to everyday & some photos here. But, like any traveller, I always like to learn what I could have done to maximise my time in one place. So, here I’m telling you what you could do to make your weekend in Dublin even better than mine!

How to Spend a Long Weekend in Dublin | Part 2 | What I would have done differently from my experience. Hindsight is a wonderful thing! Read my post at

Just so you know, I’m not saying that I disliked anything (unless that is exactly what I say) but just noting what would have suited my sisters and me better. 🙂

Firstly, location. Our stay at The Ashling was great, however we ended up travelling into the same area of town daily, either by tram or cab. We could have saved ourselves some time and money by staying in Harcourt Road or any area nearer to Temple Bar. The other issue we had was that due to being so far out, we couldn’t have drinks at our hotel first. Well, we could have, but we wanted to be in the thick of the action and the buzz of the city rather than the muted trickle you get from the outskirts. If you are going to Dublin for the nightlife, bar and pub scene, then stay central. Trust me.

My second tip is to not expect a big night on Thursday. If you are planning on going out every night, or you want the best experience of an Irish pub, then save it for Friday or Saturday. Or both if you are like me and enjoy a good piss up daily occasionally. Also, make sure you visit The Temple Bar & Oliver St. John Gogarty’s for an authentic experience. Trust me, I’m English. We know our pubs too!

Now my third tip is for girly-girls or anybody that likes to get fully done up: Don’t. We were pretty overdressed most of the whole time, and while we didn’t care, it made us stick out like sore thumbs. If you’re somebody that gets pretty conscious about looking like a tourist, go to the pub in jeans and a pretty top or blouse, not full on blow-dried hair, contoured face and giant heels. (Okay we weren’t that bad, but you get my point yeah?!) Definitely take heels and dressy clothes if you are planning on hitting the clubs, but don’t bother with all that for the pubs. And day to day outfits can be as casual as you please as well 🙂

The Après Gal dressed up for a night out in Dublin
I’m in standard bar attire, but too dressy for Irish pubs!

Next tip, budget properly. I actually underspent. All you hear is that Dublin is pretty expensive, but tbh I only spent as much as I did due to a spot of shopping here and there. I spent £230 which is approx. €330 rn. While this is over €100 a day, keep in mind that I bought a few beauty products (from MAC & Chanel), a dress and went out for an expensive dinner & drinks. Money spent on travel, regular subsistence and tourist attractions was quite cheap and you could save more if you stayed in one of the hostels (Oliver St. John Gogarty’s, anyone?) Dublin doesn’t have to be as expensive as it is supposed to be.

My final tip, which is kinda 2 wrapped into 1, is to plan your trip properly. On the first day, we were a little bit lost as we hadn’t planned anything, so we were lucky to do as much as we did cos it was by chance that we saw the Spire & GPO. 3 days is defo enough, and Dublin is deceiving in it’s size so you should have lots of time to visit pubs and do a lot of sightseeing over one or two relaxed afternoons. Have a look at the weather before you go, take an umbrella, and don’t get so hungover that you nearly write off a whole day. That’s what Zante is for.

What would you do differently in Dublin? Add your advice in the comments!

xo Becca

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