EOS Cucumber Scented Hand Lotion Review

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EOS Cucumber Scented Hand Lotion | Organic & Paraben free! Read my review on theapresgal.com
I love having soft hands, and I enjoy getting a few compliments on my ‘lovely hands’ (ha!). Cucumber is one of my favourite scents for beauty products (and when I chop it up for my salads, mmm… that smell!). And I love EOS little egg-shaped lip balms so when I saw this compact little EOS cucumber beauty in the store I had to buy it.

It’s the perfect size & shape to fit into your handbag, and true to EOS it is easy to apply. The texture is creamy without being oily and sinks in fast, and I haven’t had dry hands since keeping this bad boy on me all the time. Made with 97% natural + organic ingredients so if you have sensitive skin this is ideal. The scent lasts for a while without being overbearing which I like as sometimes it can get a bit headachy to have strong scents all the time.


See more about the pocket sized, organic & paraben free EOS hand lotion at theapresgal.com
It’s not really bad, but the scent is more like watermelon than cucumber, and it can sometimes smell a bit strong straight out of the tube, although I do still really like it. Some people might not like it as it is not as subtle as you would expect. The pale coloured packaging can get a bit marked and dirty looking in your handbag too (this can be cleaned up quite easily with a baby wipe though)


It’s not readily available in the UK so when I want more I’ll have to buy it online and potentially pay crazy P&P fees. Topshop have started selling EOS products, but are charging £8 for it. £8!!! That’s ridiculous – I paid about $3 dollars for it in Canada!

Final score?

4/5 – would definitely recommend this EOS Cucumber Hand Lotion to a mate 🙂


Have you used any EOS products? Do you like them? Let me know in the comments! 🙂

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xo Becca

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