Cooking Cocktails Heisenberg Style with ABQ London

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What with Game of Thrones being off the screen for a few more months and Better Call Saul in the same situation, I needed a Netflix fix. I’ve been rewatching Breaking Bad and I had almost forgotten just how good it is. But then I discovered ABQ London – a full on Breaking Bad experience for all the Jesse Pinkman Heisenberg fans out there. Sorry but I just love Jesse.

Walter White: Fuck you! And your eyebrows! GIF. ABQ LDN Review Pop up Crystal Ship Bar. Read it on
Still my favourite line. Credit: AwesomeGifs

Location + logistics, yo

So the tickets were £30 each, which I thought was quite expensive, but you get two drinks included in this (that you ‘cook’ in your team). When you arrive you can see the crystal ship, and the bar decorated with the ominous pink teddy just next to it. Pretty cool already. We ordered a couple of drinks (not included in ticket price) that were £11 pounds each, standard London prices so no biggie there. The drinks were really nice as well, strong but flavourful.

After about a 10 minute wait for the previous group to finish up their batch, we were invited into the RV. Amidst the dry ice you could see Heisenberg’s face staring down at you, and all the lab equipment to cook the cocktails. It was awesome.

Heisenberg's face looms out of the mist in the crystal ship. ABQ London Review on

The ominous pink teddy from Breaking Bad. Read my review of ABQ London's immersive BB pop-up bar experience on!

Once we were inside, there was an introduction to our host ‘BB’ and ‘Strings’ as well as a quick run through of health & safety in case the DEA arrives. We were put in two teams, one of 4 people and ours was 3 people. Normally there are teams of 6 so we got double the amount of drinks! Wooop!

Let’s get down to the cooking

The actual experience of cooking the cocktails was soo much fun! It reminded me of the excitement you would feel in a practical science lesson when you are about 12 years old. You get to pour stuff, crush stuff up, mix shit together, and use dry ice! And then the best part… You get to drink it 😉

Cooking up a wicked batch in the crystal ship. Read my review of ABQ London's Breaking Bad experience at

Cooking cocktails meth head style at ABQ London. Check out my review & photos on my blog,

Cooking up a storm! Read my review of ABQ London's Breaking Bad cocktail experience on


And what about the drinks, bitch?!

The drinks were pretty good! (I made them myself yo). You compete with the other team, and the hosts test them out for you. We won! (of course). I preferred the first drink (Blue Flynn), but apparently most people prefer the second (Saul’s C2H6O). The first drink was very sweet – made from peach liquor, white rum and camomile. The second was a bit sharper and had deeper flavours but still really good, another rum-based cocktail. Both were infused with vanilla.

Drink No. 1, Blue Flynn. See my review of ABQ London's Breaking Bad experience at

Saul's C2H6O, Cocktail No. 2 from ABQ London's Breaking Bad experience. Read more at

As we were the winners, we got some test tube shots!

Winner's shots! ABQ London review, see more at

SO, what’s the final verdict, yo?

Ahh! What an amazing experience, well worth the money and an awesome idea for Breaking Bad fans! If this is coming to a town near you, don’t hesistate. Do it, cos science (and alcohol) bitch!

Have you been to ABQ London or a similar experience?

xo Becca

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