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My Cheap & Effective SkinnyMint Teatox Alternative

My Cheap & Effective SkinnyMint Teatox Alternative

Cheap & effective SkinnyMint Teatox Alternative.

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I have used the SkinnyMint 28 Day Teatox twice, and I think it’s great. I love the flavours of the Morning Boost and Night Cleanse and it does help me kick start my diet + healthier lifestyle. Read my review on it if you want to know some more.

But at +£30 a pop, it doesn’t come cheap and I’m the type of person that thinks £4 for a box of 120 Tetley is expensive but, of course, I’m English and can’t survive the day without at least 17 cups of tea.

Anyway, like I already said, I really do love the Morning Boost and feel better and energised when I start my day with green tea instead of a normal brew. And I find that I sleep better at night when I have a nice warm herbal tea. I’ve had a lot of trouble with insomnia in the past so I’m always looking for gentle ways to enhance my sleep. The Night Cleanse has a blend of a few leaves that promote calm & sleepiness.

Teatoxes are all the rage but while they do work, for me and a lot of others (I’m looking at you bub) it is waaaay too expensive to do every 6 weeks. Even the Morning Boost alone is approx £20 and I just don’t have that kinda money to spend on a few 2g bags of leaves. But, to save yourself some well earned cash, here is what I have been using to get a similar effect to the SkinnyMint teatox.

Enter: My SkinnyMint Alternative

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For the morning tea: What I realised I loved about the morning tea was it’s fruitiness, it’s subtle sweetness and the alertness I felt after drinking it. When looking at the ingredients, it’s basically green tea with flavouring. So I picked up some Cranberry Green Tea, some Pineapple & Grapefruit Green Tea, and some Mango & Lychee Green Tea to see which I preferred and what was the most similar. I personally love the Mango & Lychee as my morning SkinnyMint alternative, and have even replaced my normal black tea (with a splash of milk) for this. It really helps me to start my day and clears my head.

The Pineapple & Grapefruit tea tastes good, but it isn’t a zesty or tropical as you might imagine and I just don’t enjoy the flavour combo as much.

I love drinking the Cranberry Green Tea throughout the day instead of unflavoured green tea, and this also has a lovely subtle flavour. My sister introduced me to that one so cheers gal! 😉

Cheap & effective SkinnyMint Teatox Alternative.

For the nighttime tea: What I didn’t enjoy about the Night Cleanse was the laxative effect it had and the painful stomach cramps I had for the duration of the teatox. Gross I know, but I would rather be honest. I know that the laxative effect is desired for some as it helps with the ‘cleansing’ process, but I would rather have something a bit gentler. What I did like about the Night Cleanse was the sleep I had. It was always amazing and I felt well rested when I woke up each morning.

To create this calming effect, and gentle digestion aid, drink Peppermint Tea. Any brand will do. A warm pot of peppermint tea really helps me to sleep well and has become part of my nightly routine. Another tea I would suggest is Camomile tea. This isn’t considered a digestion aid, but sleep itself is so important for weight management and healthy skin (mental health too) so if ya hate peppermint, give camomile a try. Eat a few prunes or something if you need a laxative effect.


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If you love SkinnyMint, and have never tried it (or it suits your budget) then definitely give it a go, they are a lovely brand and I enjoy their Facebook & Instagram. They often run competitions and promos, which is when I try to buy it.

If you have tried it and are toying with buying it again, but the price puts you off, then give this a go! I’m sure you will reap the benefits and wake up ready to take on the world. Be that badass bitch that no one is gonna f*ck with! 😀

Do you love tea as much as me? Have you tried SkinnyMint or any other teatoxes? What did you think?

Let me know, I’m interested 🙂

xo Becca

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