Proper Packing: Use all the Space in that Case

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You’ve sorted out what to include and what to ditch, but you still need to fit it all in there somehow. Here are my top tips for making the most of that superlight suitcase.

Proper Packing: Use all the space in that case


Keep rollin’ rollin’

Don’t fold your clothes! You can fit WAY more in by rolling and it looks nice and neat, and keeps everything crease free. Roll it like your pilates mat. Tight.

Sort ya Priorities

After a 10 hour flight and hours at immigration, you will thank yourself for putting your undies and toiletries at the top. Put stuff like ski clothes at the bottom, and have a think about what you will want most when you first check in.

Consider packing cubes

I never bought these and I really, really regretted it. Like the previous point, if everything is organized in sections, you will know where it all is and save yourself a ton of stress (and your room will be saved from having crap everywhere). The good thing about packing cubes is that you know everything will fit back in.

All those little things

If your suitcase seems to be bursting at the seams, squeeze little things like undies and socks and cables into gaps between your other clothes. You will be amazed at all the secret space there is!

Make the most of it

Instead of wasting space with all that squishy snow gear, use it to protect your skis/boots. I know you’re not supposed to, but I always fill my boot bag and ski bag with clothes. It protects my stuff and normally you get around 20kg combined for sports gear. Take advantage ;).

Double up

Adding on to the last tip, make the most of what you already have to take. When it comes to all your electrical cables, if they all have usb connectors, then only take one plug and all your cables. Even better if your kindle wire can be used for your camera etc.

Suck it up

Actually, don’t. One of my friends used those vacuum bags to pack her stuff. It seems great, until you have no access to a hoover and you can’t fit anything back in your case.


My top tip would be to not overpack, its likely you will buy more when you are abroad as well so don’t stuff that case like a turkey. I know it is much easier said than done, but as an ex-overpacker myself (and a crazy one at that) this is how I have learnt to organize and efficiently pack my suitcase.


Do you have any amazing packing secrets? Share them with me, I would love to know some more!

xo Becca

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