By Becca Hodgson

By Becca Hodgson

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No more chapped hands, lips (or nips) – ANOTHER empty tube of Dr Lipp’s Nipple Balm

Nipple balm. For lips? Okay, I mean, that’s what it says on the tube but trust me, this magical stuff is not limited to your mouth. I’ve just finished my third tube of this, and ensured I had another on the way (thanks Charlie for the birthday gift) so that

The ground rules | 90 day challenge

When reading back through yesterday’s post, I realised that I had forgotten to lay down ‘the ground rules’ for my 90 day challenge, and explain exactly what I was going to do. I touched on it, but today I’ll go into a lot more detail about my plans and I’ll

Today I started a 90 day challenge

Over the Christmas break, I saw that Cassey Ho from Blogilates was finishing her 90 day challenge, and she looked GREAT. Not just physically, but you could feel the happiness from her photos and her blog posts. I had seen a couple of her blogs when she first started but

H&M x Givaudan Fragrance Collection: Santalum + Rose Absolute Review

Oh, hell. If you are a fragrance lover of any disposition you need to get yourself to your nearest H&M asap. They’ve just collaborated with Swiss power player Givaudan to bring out 3 new fragrance collections: The Reveries, The Singles and The Essences. I managed to sweep the last of

The Pink Prosecco Edit

I know the festive season is over, so for some people that means they are partied out, have an empty bank account and/or are doing dry January but I find the first month of the year to be quite a busy one for me with lots of meet ups and

5 Books to Read to Start the New Year Right

I don’t know about you, but I really believe a good book can solve a lot of problems. Whether it’s the latest super-hyped self-help guide or a fiction novel so far removed from reality that escapism is a mild way of describing it: a well written book can change your


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