Proper Packing: What Not To Pack For Your Season

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So you’ve spent months working 3 jobs, doing a shitload of overtime and getting your visa sorted, and it’s finally time to move onto the final mountain to climb – that suitcase.

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If you’re anything like me, you will leave packing to the absolute last minute (the night before/MORNING YOU ARE LEAVING) and just throw anything and everything in ‘just in case’.


While you might feel prepared to take on the world, all you’ve really done is added loads of extra weight to lug to the other side of the globe, jammed in useless stuff that’s going to annoy you and your roommate when there is nowhere to put it except the floordrobe, and basically create a general pain in the arse that you will have to deal with for the next 6 months.


So here are a few things that you will definitely NOT need:


Heels/Smart Shoes

Try to imagine yourself stumbling around like Bambi on ice (and no, not in a cute doe eyed way) I took a pair of boots with me that had a 2 inch heel (if you can call it that) and tried to walk down a snowy hill. I ended up sliding down, on my bum, in a bin bag. That was fun. Absolutely do that.


Dresses/Smart Clothes

I took 2 dresses because ‘I might need them for new year!’ You wont need a dress on New Year. They ended up in my suitcase with a teddy from my ex that I wanted to forget about as well.


Fake Tan

You are on a WINTER SEASON. I’m a fake tan fiend, I love to plaster myself in the stuff – but I didn’t take any with me. Over Christmas I decided that I missed it so much that I spent 40 quid on a present for myself. I waited 2 weeks for it to arrive, used it once, admired my glowing skin and then it collected dust for the next 4 months, never to be thought about again.


I'm so bloody white. No tan GIF Nicola Roberts

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Huge Toiletries

BUY THEM THERE! Not taking all your toiletries with you will save you valuable space and weight in your baggage. Take miniatures to last you the first few weeks, then hit the drugstore.


Nice Lingerie

Pointless. Yeah, I know, someone might will 100% see it, but when your laundry bag is more full than your underwear drawer and all you have left are skimpy thongs to cut you in half ski in, you will seriously reconsider your priorities. Granny pants all the way!



Don’t bother with your fancy hairdryer from home. The plug is wrong, it’s awkward to pack and it could easily get broken. I bought a cheap one from a supermarket and then gave it to somebody when I left. Easy peasy.


Duvet, Pillows, Giant Towel, Kitchen Sink, Pet Dog

Firstly, none of this shit is gonna fit in your case. Secondly, chances are your accommodation provides it all for you (maybe not your dog, but there are loads of black bears in Canada so that’s pretty close) and you don’t even need to worry about any of that.


Try not to get too stressed about it all, and make life easier for yourself – don’t leave it til the night before! Save yourself the stress – seriously.

I hope this gives you a little hand, and remember that you can always buy stuff out there you know you will anyway.


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